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Working from Home


Apply as a Person, Not a Piece of Paper

The Job Search for Happiness

We were created on the basis of bringing a better, more holistic approach to the job search market. We care about matching candidates and careers on factors beyond just experience that will benefit each other for many years to come. 

How It Works

Create a profile

Add what makes you, you - past experiences, skills & strengths, ideal culture, etc


Identifying information (name, picture, age, etc) is left out to ensure matches are based on what's important

Take Assessment

Enhance your profile by completing our assessment to match on a deeper level with current openings

View Matches

Our algorithm shows you company & job matches with high compatibility scores based on your profile, preferences, and assessment results to ensure strong matches

Start the convo

Decide which openings interest you - schedule interviews & land your happy job!

Get matched based on you

Happier work situations

Less turnover - longer tenure




Built For Candidates & Employers in Mind

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