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About Juvinait

Finding a job where both the employee & employer mesh completely is extremely hard to find. Being happy & loving what you do is the ultimate goal, yet very few actually obtain this reality. On the other side, reducing turnover is always a main goal within HR departments & operations. The current job search process of using mainly a piece of paper & a conversation to assess who will fit into the position and company has a lot of gaps. People are more than just a piece of paper & a conversation - we are all humans with thought processes, likes, dislikes, environment preferences, & so much more - none of which can be gathered by the current process.

Current job search engines have profiles built that contain the candidates years of experience, skills, etc. Nothing currently exists on the market that makes the job search process interactive, and dare I say, fun. Current competitors either focus solely on experience in a range of industries, or on the person, but within a specific industry. With Juvinait, companies & managers are matched with potential candidates (& vice versa) that fit them best in all areas - experience, thought processes, working styles, culture, preferences, etc. Juvinait is for the people, and for all industries, to offer a solution that can change and positively impact both candidates and companies for years to come.


For employers, turnover rates can be reduced & teams can be strengthened.

For employees & individuals, loving what you do can become a reality.

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